I Went On A Hike At Quabbin Reservoir

A girl sits in a boat on a lake, looking through binoculars towards the shore, surrounded by calm water and nature

Quabbin Reservoir, located in Massachusetts, is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a variety of trails and natural attractions. Created in the 1930s, the reservoir serves as a major water supply for Boston and surrounding communities. I recently decided to go on a hiking trip to this place. Let me talk about what you … Read more

Why I Chose Hampshire College and You Should Too

Student life at Hampshire

During my high school years, I often felt constrained by the traditional education system. I thrived in environments where I could explore subjects at my own pace, dive into projects that fascinated me, and learn in ways that felt meaningful. Traditional colleges with rigid majors and standardized curricula didn’t appeal to me. I wanted a … Read more