Hampshire Web

In the past, only bigger cities and towns could afford a decent website. Small towns had to rely on volunteers for web design. Now, in partnership with Virtual Towns and Schools of Boxborough, the Hampshire Council of Governments is offering sleek, functional websites at affordable prices.

Your website is an investment in your town. Town websites have gone from luxury to necessity. There are so many ways they make life easier for you and your residents and even save money:

√ Town news
√ Online payment
√ Events calendar
√ Town meeting minutes
√ Emergency notification
√ Forum for residents to discuss town issues…and more!

We’re offering municipal websites starting at $4,200, with more advanced options available! Virtual Towns and Schools will waive your first annual fee and let you pay back for the website over three years with no interest! This deal is exclusively available through the Hampshire Council of Governments.

Learn more about our pricing and options: purchasing@hampshirecog.org or 413-584-1300 ext.3

For more detailed information about the program please see this information sheet. Below you can find sample websites for towns of your size.