Hampshire IT

Hampshire IT is a partnership between the Hampshire Council of Governments and Paragus Strategic IT, the region’s leading outsourced information technology provider. Together, we offer access to affordable, expert outsourced IT services as well as the opportunity to save through group purchasing of hardware and software. The savings we offer on purchasing and high level IT services, including computer security and data backup, will help you preserve funds for delivering essential services to your community.

Hampshire IT’s flexible plan design allows you to tailor your IT services to meet your IT needs. Whether your community does not yet have a central server or is already accessing the cloud, Hampshire IT can work with you to determine and accommodate your needs.  With the budget crunch in full force, now is a great time to compare your current providers’ rates and services against our program. 

Services Paragus will provide through the Hampshire IT alliance:

  • Comprehensive IT at prices all towns can afford.
  • On-site and off-site computer support whenever you need it.
  • Regular, in-person preventive maintenance visits to your site(s).
  • A dedicated account rep with the backing of the full Paragus team of highly trained technicians.
  • CMR-17 compliance services.
  • Advance planning services to help you anticipate future hardware and software needs.
  • Secure, off-site data backup and disaster data recovery services.
  • One free on-site visit per month.
  • Rollover credits so you don’t lose the hours you don’t use