RSVP of Hampshire & Franklin Counties

RSVP of Hampshire & Franklin Counties links volunteers with opportunities to serve in our community.  Since 1973, RSVP has worked with volunteers and organizations to meet the community‚Äôs most pressing needs.  Each year, RSVP volunteers contribute more than 100,000 service hours, representing a donation of over $2.87 million to our local economy.      

RSVP volunteers are part of a local network of more than 600 people 55 and older who share their time and expertise with community organizations.  Our volunteers tutor children, teach exercise classes, assist seniors, organize events, and much more.  Volunteers work with RSVP staff to find the right fit for their skills and interests.  Our staff is always available to ensure that volunteers are getting the most they can out of their service.     

RSVP volunteers serve over 50 partner organizations, making a significant impact in our community.  Partner organizations such as senior centers, food pantries, hospitals, and nonprofits benefit from the service of RSVP volunteers as well as volunteer management support from RSVP staff.  Our staff works with community organizations to identify their volunteer needs, match volunteers with opportunities, and provide ongoing support to their volunteer programs.  Our goal is to enable volunteers and organizations to serve the community to the best of their ability.