Regional Representation

The Executive Director serves on several regional boards or is active in the planning process including the Hampshire County Tourism Board and the Knowledge Corridor Planning Process.

As the Council continues to work closely with the Legislative Delegation from Western Massachusetts, it has become clear that the Legislators would prefer if Hampshire County provided them with a unified voice. The Council is currently serving as this voice for our member communities and is using that voice to secure funding for the region and represent the interests of our communities. On behalf of cities, towns, and school districts, the Councilors’ Legislative, Charter & Code Committee is creating a Legislative Agenda to combine the concerns of the area for presentation and discussion with local Legislators.

Many of the grants that are available are increasingly dependent on a regional application. For example, almost all health and wellness grants such as the District Incentive Grant and the Community Transformation Grant require regional cooperation. The Council has applied and will continue to apply for grants on behalf of our member communities.

Local Selectmen expressed an interest in revitalizing the Hampshire County Selectmen’s Association. Council staff has been supporting the Association in organizing events, disseminating information, and assisting at meetings.