Money saved calculation is for FY15 and includes savings on products, services, insurance and value of volunteer hours donated. 

Councilor Profiles

In 1970 Joseph Kearns moved to an old Middlefield farmstead where two bands of rebels hiding in its basement were arrested during the Shays conflict. Starting in 1972, he served on the Middlefield Board of Selectmen for nine years, the Finance Committee, of which he is currently the Chair, and as Moderator of the Town Meeting for the past fifteen years.  He promoted the renewal of the Town Hall and Middlefield’s designation as a “Green Community”.  Now retired, for thirty eight years he taught woodworking, history, and math at public and private schools.  House restoration and motorcycling are some of his other interests.  In 1988 he was elected a County Commissioner, and, following the government reorganization, continued as a Councilor.