Municipalities & Large Businesses

How Can Net Metering Credits Reduce My Electricity Bills?

 When you purchase a net metering credit through our program, you will be paying $0.85 for $1.00 worth of credits to be applied to your electricity bill.  This essentially results in a 15% discount on your electricity bill.  The sale of these credits is a win for everyone – your electricity bills are lower and the solar farms receive a valuable stream of revenue that allows for the development of future solar projects.

Check out Nexamp’s Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on how this program works.

Bottom Line Impacts

1)    Net metering is a fast, easy way to secure long-term energy savings.

2)    Net metering provides a mechanism for supporting local sources of renewable energy without having to deal with the hassles of developing your own project.

3)    Net metering has no impact on existing or future supply contracts.  Purchasing credits will not impact your relationship with your competitive supplier.

4)    Net metering is a simple, zero cost capital transaction.  It requires no upfront investment for a guaranteed return.

Interested in Receiving a Proposal?

 If you’d like to receive a proposal for the purchase of net metering credits for your organization, please contact Sinead Coleman at 413-584-1300 x. 153  or  We will need 1 years’ worth of your electricity bills to understand how your electricity costs fluctuate throughout the year and to match you with the appropriate community solar project in your area.  The Hampshire Council of Governments and Nexamp will sit down with you together to review the proposal and answer any questions you have.