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The Hampshire Council of Governments is pleased to offer exhibit space to artists living and working in the greater Hampshire County Area.

Gallery Exhibits

The Old Courthouse Gallery 

June 23 to July 31, 2015: Caren Hyde


Painting for me is a process which unites my sense of self with perceived reality and is a way for me to explore my experiences and structure them into a solid form. I am particularly interested in areas of transition and the realm where opposites meet -- not just in terms of the formal aspects of painting, such as light and dark, intensity and subtlety, but also in content, where the elements of landscape as well as the complex emotions, thoughts and memories they evoke, can be integrated into a more satisfying and balanced whole. I am frequently told my images have a magical or uncanny atmosphere and it is true that the Surrealist method of seeking the unfamiliar in everyday objects has always intrigued me as an artist and perhaps become ingrained in my aesthetic sensibility.

I choose to paint landscapes which resonate emotionally within me and although I may use sketch references or personal photographs as a springboard for the works, Realism is not my aim. The paintings mainly evolve from the dialogue between the image and my intuition. Although there has to be planning and learnt techniques involved, I try to maintain a direct and spontaneous working method; a continuous process of choosing and refinement, from which I travel out of the darkness into the light. This way of painting admittedly involves some dangers and frustrations, but it allows one a freedom rarely found. Overall, it is a continuous challenge that is inherently interesting and fulfilling.


1963 - Born in the village of Rochford, England.
1979-1981 - Attended Southeast Essex College, England. Completed two year Art Foundation Program.
1983-1986 - Attended Bath Academy of Art, England. Completed Bachelor of Arts degree, specializing in fine art. Graduated with honors.
1991 - Came to the United States. Settled in New York City.
2001-2004 - Attended New York University. Completed Masters of Arts degree in clinical art therapy.
2006-present - Moved to Massachusetts, settling in the town of Northampton.

99 Main Street, Northampton. 
Open to the public: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, M-F.

Old CourthouseEnter through courthouse security at 15 Gothic Street. (Pocket knives and cameras are not allowed.)
Most artists will be also participating in the city-wide gallery open house, ArtsNightOut, sponsored by the Northampton Area Chamber of Commerce. These open houses are usually from 5 to 8 pm on the second Friday of the month. Occasionally, the open house is scheduled for a different night to avoid a conflict.

ATTENTION ARTISTS: The Council is currently scheduling exhibits of two dimensional artwork. To learn more about having your artwork featured in the gallery here: Art Exhibition Application and Guidelines